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October 2019

President's Message

Joe Ferguson

Contact:  613-267-1366

Hello Perth Civitans!

I would like to thank Past President Bill for all of his hard work this past Civitan year.

He not only kept the Perth Civitan Club a continuous hub of activity with all of the
rentals but he did a super job in carrying out the duties of the President of the club.
I also want to thank the outgoing board of Directors, the Treasurer, the Secretary and Past President for their hours of hard work and guidance over the year.  

Welcome to the new Executive!  I know we will have a great year working together.  I think it’s quite profound to mention that I am stepping into the position of the 54th President of the Perth Civitan club.  This is quite amazing to think that our club has been operating and giving back to our local and international community for 54 years.  That alone says something about the good work of Civitan and the strength of the organization and especially our own club and the number of people who have been members here over those years.

We are all here as members of this club for the same reasons.  We have a desire to help our neighbours and give back in some way, we like to be involved and we enjoy each other’s company and the fellowship that we enjoy at our meetings and project events.  I hope, in my year as President, to keep the focus on volunteering locally strong and I will be very open to your input and suggestions, no matter how small or unimportant you might think they are.  Please feel comfortable to communicate with me or any of the executive.  We hold these positions to represent you, the membership and to keep the operations of the club running smoothly.  


You will have noticed that the new executive was sitting at the head table sat the first business meeting of the year. I hope you get to know them and feel comfortable to be able to approach any one of them with your questions or


I have a few goals in mind for my term that I would like to tackle and one of them is getting our members involved, even in just small ways.  We will be looking at some of the suggestions that our International travelers brought back from convention and see if maybe we can try some new things.  New projects or new ways to keep our dinner meetings exciting.  I would like to see more members come out to the dinners because I believe that is when we keep up to date with what is going on in the club and I know that when Donna and I leave every dinner meeting, we are excited  up about something.  It might be just how delicious the meals was, which is often, or it might be a project coming up that we are interested in helping out with.  But it is always a fun night out and I want to keep it fun.  I will be sitting down with our Entertainment committee to help line up some good speakers or entertainment just for the members.

The beginning of the Civitan year is a busy time with the new budget, new executive, and fall projects.  The Halloween Haunted House is one of the biggest fall projects and takes a lot of volunteers to get it up and running.  Civitan Tom has a spot for anyone who can volunteer for that so please let him know you can help!

Thank you for electing me and having faith that I can carry out this position.  Lets make the 54th year of the Perth Civitan a productive one and lets be proud to be Perth Civitans!

Joe Ferguson
President of the Perth Civitan Club




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