Junior Civitan Creed

I am a Junior Civitan:

An aware citizen of today,

The standing promise of tomorrow.


I seek to meet the needs of our world,

To be progressive in a world of change

With compassion and understanding for

The values and traditions of the past.

I value the security of knowing

That wherever I am

I will always be within reach

Of a fellow Civitan.


I dedicate myself

To society and to my fellow man

With a commitment

To make the world a better place.

Junior Civitan

Junior Civitan is an organization of youth service clubs dedicated to making the world a better place. With 10,000 members across 300 clubs and three continents, Junior Civitans have a huge impact on the world around us! Here’s a look at the basics of Junior Civitan.

As the youth arm of Civitan International, a volunteer service organization, Junior Civitan exists to give our members the opportunity for leadership training, personal growth, and fun group activities, all while improving schools and communities through community service. Clubs are usually organized at schools, under the supervision of a faculty advisor. They are governed by officers elected by the membership.

We have a great time helping people in the community, and have a great time doing it! Our clubs take on a variety of projects, from fundraisers to service projects, from the halls of our schools to the streets of our hometowns.

One of our most important projects is fundraising for research into developmental disabilities at the Civitan International Research Center. Founded by Civitan, and funded in part by Civitan and Junior Civitan clubs, this center is a world-class facility for scientific research into things like autism, cerebral palsy, brain cancer, and more. Junior Civitans conduct two major fundraisers each year for the center – the annual

Sno-Do and Dance-a-thon.

In order to perform community service work, clubs conduct fundraising projects. Car washes, garage sales, and bake sales are all easy ways to make money; however, many clubs are more creative in their efforts. Some clubs work the concessions stand at their school sporting events or sell tickets to a talent show. The possibilities for creative and inexpensive fundraisers are endless. These fundraisers provide the financial backing for a club’s successful service projects.

World Junior Civitan Day

World Junior Civitan Day is all about service. On one day each October, Junior Civitan clubs around the world do something to improve their communities. Whether it’s cleaning up a park, volunteering at your school, or working at a food bank, there are endless possibilities for creative and meaningful service on World Junior Civitan Day.

Junior Civitans around the world make a real difference every day!

Every club is unique and helps the community in their own way. 

Civitan Club of Perth Inc. 2020

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